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illiryasunmist asked: What if: Faith wakes up one morning in modern-day New York. Go!


A languid stretch beneath the covers and a soft groan that comes with waking from a long sleep is suddenly quieted with a curious peeking of eyes from beneath the thick coverlet. This…is not her bed. This is not her house! Faith jumps up, tossing the covers back and looks around the room quickly. The furnishings are rather flat and utilitarian with very little character about them and the room lacks any color save for the occasional grey tones of metal edgings. It’s an odd rectangular picture on the wall that catches her full attention as it’s image moves and what appears to be a human male speaks in a very business-like tone. image

"H-hello…?" She asks the painting timidly, but as it seems to gaze through her and continue it’s almost monotonous droning, she assume it can neither see nor hear her. Her long ear flicks to the sounds coming from the open glass door leading to a balcony. It sounds as if an entire flock of geese were honking all at once, but even that sounded strange.

Her heart beats high in her throat as she cautiously approaches the balcony. Her thin white nightgown is pinned to her legs as the cold morning wind blows over her. She gasps as she looks out and finds the forest of trees replaced by massive tower-like structures that glitter like glass in the early morning sun. Sweeping her eyes downward, she finds the ground crawling with box-like creatures of all colors that seem to be making the noise. Upon a moment’s inspection she notices they roll along on wheels, making them more like carts, but there is no beast to pull them. ~Perhaps they pull one another along?~ She muses absently, noting how they seem so tightly placed together.

On either side of the crawling carts, people walk about with paces that suggest purpose and urgency. They carry square packs in their hands instead of soft leather or cloth ones on their belts. Many seem to gaze into a small box in their hands, or hold lengthy animated conversations seemingly to themselves. Faith releases her white-knuckled grip on the balcony railing and slowly eases herself back inside as one realization tops them all.

They’re. All. HUMAN!!! 

She claps both hands over her mouth to stifle a scream that attempts to leap free as her back encounters a wall quite suddenly. She’s been abducted by humans. Living in a city where gnomes have invented everything mechanically. That’s the only logical explanation. And it does nothing to ease her panic. She dashes away from the wall and wrenches the doors open until she finds her way out of the room and down the halls of this giant tower she’s in. She bursts out into the streets below, turning this way and that in an attempt to get her bearings. The noise is amplified down here and it burdens her sensitive elven ears. The scents of food and smoke and refuse clogs her nose and befouls her sense of smell. She pins her ears back in displeasure and rushes away, barely dodging the humans who only barely give her a second glance as they gaze at or talk into their little boxes.


Faith turns to run into an alley way, only to find several filthy looking human men staring at her lecherously and boldly eyeing her form. A cry of fear leaves her as she quickly turns and dashes out between the oddly colored carts. They honk at her loudly, offending her ears even more-so, and the human drivers within shout and shake their fists at her.  Fear and panic press in on all sides and she dashes on across the street, running far and fast from the angry carts and humans. 

"Farwyn..? FARWYN!!!" She calls over and over again, hoping the Warrior will step out and gather her close, telling her all will be ok. Her heart and hopes plummet as she turns each corner to find herself more and more lost within the unfamiliar city. There isn’t even the hint of a familiar face to be seen. She is wholly and utterly alone…

It is nearing nightfall when she finally finds a wooded area in the center of this massive city that would put Silvermoon and Dalaran together to shame.. She drops upon the grass and puts her back against a tree. Hungry. Exhausted. Thirsty. And alone. Her feet are swollen and cut in numerous places by the shards of debris along along her panic driven path. Her lower lip trembles and tears gather to spill freely down her face. She drops her head to her knees as heavy sobs wrack her frame.

She would one day have to learn their language. She would one day have to learn to blend in with their people. She would one day have to learn their rules… because she knew not where she was..or even -when- she was. But it was becoming more and more evident that she wasn’t getting home to her little manor in Eversong any time soon…..

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When your RP partner is way out of your league





Sums me up in a nutshell. So many good RPers out there!

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Think they’re doing fine without Adam.

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Good Morning To You Too


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