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That person who followed you since you were a newbie and up to now, and they’re still following you.


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Anonymous asked: Aren't you tonguing Zack's asshole enough?



Alright. That’s a little ridiculous. Let me explain something to you, because you’re probably some stupid Murder Row RP’er that really RP’s a human with pointed ears.

When you put enough work into RP, you get benefits from it. You get people from around the entire community who give a shit about your character. You get people that want to RP with you. You get people that are invested in your character’s story. There is a reason that people have been following the “Zweihander Chronicles” (as Zack would jokingly put it) from its inception.

Maybe if you spent a little less time standing out front of the rogue trainers in Murder Row and more time actually putting some meaning and cohesion behind your RP you would have some attention brought to you.

Less bitching. More working harder to become a better RP’er.


Totally agree. Anon needs to back off on matters that do not concern them. 

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Anonymous asked: If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 of your followers that make you happy, or some you feel need cheering up. If you get this back even better!

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safrona-shadowsun asked: "I think I’m forgetting something."

With a chuckle, Kriegg rises and moves to his desk. He snatches the small envelope up and moves to the Courier. “I do believe this is what you were forgetting. It is easy to do when one is lost in conversation. A rather engaging conversation, if I may say so.” Offering the envelope, he smiles mischievously. “Perhaps we should speak more often, my friend. I would enjoy learning more of you and your journeys.”

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The origin of twerking.
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traianbloodshade asked: "Put. The. Weapon. Down."







Kriegg arcs an eyebrow, his hand holding the blade tightly while he waits for the next attack. “Am I mistaken? I was under the impression you desired a spar. Would you prefer if it were hand to hand?” He stands straight and stabs the tip of the blade into the dirt, grinning mischievously. “One might think you’d enjoy that far too much, my friend.”

"Oh come now, don’t tell me you are nervous? It has been a while old chap, let ,me show you what I have done with myself." His blades are slammed into the ground, just next to Krieggs, and he grins wide as he moves back around. " You do know me oh so well though… This definitely will be fun…"

vonkriegg (( Haven’t seen you in a while, glad to see you back :) I hope all is well. I have been missing seeing you on my dah :D))

"I believe you know me well enough to answer that question. It has been far too long, Fury." Kriegg grins and slips his jacket off, rolling his neck from side to side to loosen himself up. "I have learned some new tricks as well, my friend. Please, do not hold back." He takes up a combat stance, muscles flexing as he prepares for Fury’s first move.

Still pacing lightly, the cracking of his knuckles would be heard as he offers a sidelong glance to the man staring him down. His eyes darken slightly as he goes quiet, focus lost on everything but the spar. he steps up in front of him, lifting his gaze to meet the orbs staring back at him, and he grins. The amount of control alone seen from the Death Knight was offered silently, and he watched Krieggs reaction to the feat. 

A light smirk is given, and he lifts a hand, jutting fingers back with the dare flashing in his eyes ” Your move first old friend…And don’t hold back. I am your worst enemy right now. Lets see what this gain of control has done for me, shall we?’


With a grin, Kriegg stops moving and meets his gaze. The control Fury shows is not lost on him, and it is a sight that does a great deal to ease his mind. His friend appears to have learned much, and it will be intriguing to see what other skills he has learned. Kriegg’s face turns stony as he makes his move, lunging forward with a punch aimed at the center of his friend’s chest.

Iria smiled as the two stood in the middle of the basement floor, weapons and armor strewn about against the walls.  The furniture was pushed aside so they could have an open area to work with.  Locking the door behind her, she had just returned from Ciri’s class and still garbed in her dance dress with a gossamer shawl over her shoulders. 

"I just came down to let you know I was home.  Oh my stars!  I didn’t know you were here, hello Fury!  It’s been quite a while, dear heart.  I’ve missed you so." 

She took a better look at her surroundings and her face paled.

"Just…please don’t kill each other?"

Kriegg laughs, taking the shove while ducking his head in an attempt to dodge the blow. “We will not kill one another, my love. It’s merely a friendly competition.” The fist Fury holds goes limp, the arm jerked backwards in an equal attempt to pull the man off balance while his right knee is jerked upwards in attempt to bury itself in the man’s stomach.

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